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What I got for Christmas


I hope any and all of you reading this post had a wonderful festive season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you enjoyed the little break you had from work/school/whatever.

Today I am here to share a few gifts I recieved for Christmas. Usually I hate Christmas hauls, as they seem a bit braggy and artificial to me at times. I know a lot of people simply do them because they’re requested or because it kinda is the big hot thing for bloggers/YouTubers this time of year, in fact, I think I’m rather late to the party, and it isn’t an ‘ego’ thing. But whatever, if it is, you do you and I’ll do me.

For me, this is more to document some of the things I was gifted by my brilliant family and friends, I couldn’t ask for better people in my life, except for Daisy Ridley. Daze, (can I call you Daze?), if you’re reading this, hmu.

I have a terrible memory, so this is my visual diary, and also, it’s an opportunity to photo some things on my marble vinyl.

The reason most of these pictures are at an angle is because of the bloody shadows cast by everything. I can’t control natural light, this is my one and only flaw.

LAPD’ 53 is a book about crimes committed in Los Angeles back in 1953, and it’s full of grissly pictures of murder scenes and explanations of how these things were committed. It’s the type of stuff I always find myself diving into late at night on and then I’m not able to sleep. So you know what’s better? Having actual physical pictures of mutilated bodies!

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My Year in Music

This picture is so grainy, but natural light is a luxury during winter in the UK

Today Spotify released their ‘Year in Music’ feature, which tells you all about your music preferences throughout the year as well as what was popular globally! This is the first year I’ve had Spotify for long enough to get the benefit of Year in Music, as last year I only started using Spotify again, after not using it for years, in December.

If you don’t like Maroon 5, turn back now.
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Indiana Jones

Hello everyone!

So that not blogging until my exams are over thing is REALLY working isn’t it? I dunno, I feel very creatively charged at the minute. I was originally going to type that my creative juices were flowing …then I gagged a little.

Today I wanted to talk about a film franchise that I am head over heels for, Indiana Jones!

Before you think it, yes it does annoy me that I don’t have a matching set of DVDs. Although this makes sense, as I’ll explain. So at the tender age of 12, I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the cinema, having only seen Raiders of the Lost Ark years before, and I absolutely loved it. Yes really, I loved Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I still like it, I think as an Indiana Jones film it isn’t great, but as a stand-alone action adventure, it’s decent enough.

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Read, Reading and To Read

So you know how I said there would be no more posts until my exams finished…oops. I finished my coursework, I’ve moved on to working for my exam, but I had a burst of motivation, and here we are!

This is an idea that hit me a few hours ago, and it’s something that I’d like to do maybe every couple of months, or maybe every month to check my progress of how much I’m reading. If you read my New Years resolutions post, you’ll know that I want to read more. I used to read SO much and I want to get back into that place! So if I track myself, maybe I will!

Here are the books that I have either recently read, or I’m currently reading them, or I intend to read them soon!

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