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A few months ago I was contacted by Boohoo Man in relation to their super cool Summer ’18 collaboration with Pepsi, The Art of Football Capsule Collection.

This range is inspired by street art all over the world and brings together the worlds of art and football. I’m becoming more and more of a big ol’ art nerd, I did go as Van Gogh for Halloween, after all. And I’m actually getting back into football for once, with a fantasy team named after my new hero, Mo Salah.

The kind folks at Boohoo gifted me a couple of pieces to shoot and style.


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My Menswear Wishlist

I don’t post on menswear as much as I’d like to, if anyone would like to volunteer as my photographer for outfit posts, I’ll take ya! Can you also make me look more relaxed and natural when I pose for photographs? That’s something I definitely need to work on.

Here’s a run through of some clothes I’m lusting after currently. I keep a note on my phone with pieces I wish to pick up at some point, or something I’ve seen that I’d like to find a dupe of. It’s really helped me stop buying pieces I don’t really like. This method makes it so much easier to keep track of what you own and what you’ll pair them with.

Columbia Mountain Shirt

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Christmas Jumpers!

Happy 3rd of December!!

The glorious month has finally come! It’s time to get festive. Except I don’t feel majorly festive yet, apart from the fact I’ve been eating mince pies almost everyday since November 1st, and that I get to wear a Christmas uniform to work! I might change my bedsheets to my Christmas bedsheets actually, that will get me festive. (Yes, I am the type of person who has Christmas bedsheets)

I should really watch a Christmas film to get into the festive spirit, but with The Force Awakens a mere TWO WEEKS away, I am all wrapped up in Star Wars.

So anyway, to get back on track, I have been getting into the festive spirit with Christmas jumpers! I’m a 50 year old Dad at heart, with a student budget, so Primark this time of year is my heaven. But also hell because it’s about as busy as you’d expect a store to be at Christmas. To my fellow brethren who will be working retail over Christmas, may the odds be ever in our favour.

This Christmas jumper is the newest addition to my collection, can you call 3 a collection?

This is from Primark and cost £15, this is from this year’s range and so should still be available.

See what I meant about being a 50 year old dad? I’m not here for the silly Christmas jumper designs, I want something that is patterned, and makes people think I’m a mature student when I sit down in lecture.

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Hogwarts. | Outfit Inspo

Primark sells oh so much stuff with Hogwarts on it. Or some sort of Harry Potter reference on. In fact, I bought another Harry Potter piece of clothing from Primark the other day, that makes 5 or 6 or something that I own now. I need to stop. Hell, I even made my own modern Gryffindor uniform cosplay.

Here is another outfit inspo post, this one is much more simple than the last few have been.

Plus, please ignore the fact that my jumper is majorly creased, outfit blogposts are not so glamorous to pull off. I always imagined it was much more glitzy and amazing.

It’s a little weird looking at these pictures now, these were taken about a month ago, and since I’ve had a haircut (and an extreme skin breakout, why, life, why?)


Hogwarts Jumper – £10 – Primark (last year, no website)

Women’s Chelsea Boots – £8 – Primark (no website)

Black Jeans – £30 – Topman

I’m doing my Michael Fassbender face.

I absolutely adore this jumper, it’s so comfy, it’s maroon (which makes me think of Gryffindor) and is Harry Potter related. All great things.

Once again, thanks to Ren for taking the pics!

Thanks for reading friends!!

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Fall/Winter Outfit Inspo. The FURce Awakens!

This is a terrible pun based upon the fact that I have a jacket with an extremely fake fur lining (I DO NOT SUPPORT REAL FUR, PUTTING THIS OUT THERE LOUD AND CLEAR) and also because I’m wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. Y’all know I love Star Wars.

So for a while I’ve wanted to do a few blogposts on clothes and outfits because:

1) In recent years, I’ve began to really enjoy shopping for clothing and putting together outfits, and using clothes to make myself feel great.

2) I really love reading male fashion blogs/watching videos on YouTube, however there aren’t a ton of male fashion focused things, nor are many of them THAT affordable. Sure, I love expensive clothes, but I don’t have the budget, nor think a lot of things are worth it (though, ombre jumper from Reiss, if I could have tracked you down, I would have dropped the £50 on you).

3) It’s fun to go out and take pictures and do this stuff!

Keep reading to see more pictures and to also get to the links of where you can get everything!

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