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Has the vaccine benefitted The Vaccines?

the vaccines band

Today in journalism the world has chosen not to do, but is needed by the people: has the revelation of the Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trials being a success benefitted UK indie-rock band The Vaccines?

So, in the interests of transparency, and also convenience, I used to compile some of this data and figures.

Am I convinced that this is entirely accurate and to be relied on? The jury is still out, I’m one day into a free trial with this software.

A key date to remember in all of this is Monday 9th November, the findings were published by Pfizer and set us all into a frenzy of hope, knowing that our endless cycle of COVID hell may be coming to an end.

The stats

  • In the last 28 days, compared to the previous 28 day period, radio play dropped by 3% in the UK but jumped by 33% in the United States.
  • November 9th placed 3rd out of 28 in terms of radio play.
  • Spotify followers grew by 0.7% in this same 28 day period
  • YouTube views jumped in most territories, including an 11.1% rise in the UK on the previous 28 day period.
  • Instagram followers in the United States grew by 10.6% but dropped in the UK by 1.2% on the previous 28 day period

More data could be pulled from TikTok, but I’d need a paid account, so somethings have to remain a mystery.

Have the COVID-19 vaccines benefitted The Vaccines?

There definitely seems to be some major growth, but in terms of streams and airplay, it isn’t enough to clearly say the Pfizer vaccines brought The Vaccines new fans on Spotify. Though it seems it definitely did on YouTube and Insta for some, so sure, I’m going to say on record that the Pfizer vaccine will not only protect The Vaccines from COVID-19, but it brought them a spike in online activity. Cheers to that!

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Why are we all falling in love with journalists?

Welcome to what is the first post in a (hopeful) series focusing on a collective obsession in a world in which we’re more separated than ever. Month one, we’re diving into us falling in love with journalists.

Don’t pretend you can’t relate to this, this is a no-judgment, fully in love with journalists zone. You’ve been glued to American news stations for the best part of a week now. Through all waking hours, you’ve been watching these journalists tally up votes, speculate on what’s going to happen, and in special cases, absolute eviscerate President Trump and some of their guests.

Maybe two days in you start to look at them in a new light. Are they a little attractive? Or is it just lockdown 2.0 setting in and I’ve not seen a man who’s outside of my bubble, who isn’t shopping at ASDA, in who knows how long now? Was it the decisive point they just made, shutting down opposition and claiming things are looking good for Joe Biden?

Before you know it, you’re on Twitter reading everyone else’s thirst tweets about Jake Tapper, watching ‘fancams’ of him and watching him condemn President Trump’s speech full of amazing falsehoods – swoon.

We’re collectively going through this together. We know what follows a ‘Key Race Alert’ and us Brits are now sleep deprived from nights upon nights of waking up at bizarre hours of the night to tune in, and then getting up for work to do it all over again.

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