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August 7, 2017

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Summer BBQ memories with BADGER ALE [AD]

There’s no denying that summer in London is glorious- for the whole 3 weeks it lasts. Which is still a whole week longer than it lasts back home in the North.

Whilst it’s bloody beautiful and sunny, and there’s tons to do here, if you live in London, you likely have little to no outdoor space, meaning you have to get extra creative during the summer months. Today I’m partnering with Badger Ale to talk about some of my favourite BBQ memories from this year to celebrate their new BBQ shed!

 I’ve lived in three towns/cities in my 22 good years. My hometown, Liverpool and London. In the last two, I’ve had no real outdoor space, come summer it can be hell. At least in my current London home we have access to a patch of roof that we’re 90% sure can take our weight, and can only be accessed via a window propped completely open. Some would say that’s ‘the dream’.

Most would call it horrible.

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