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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with creators of all kinds. Today we’re joined by beardy wizard extraordinaire: Steven Bridges!

Photo Credit: Anna Holling

D: What is it you do online as a creator?

S: I’m a magician and street performer. So my channel involves me performing magic directly to the camera, to other YouTubers, and to people on the street. I also vlog my life as a street performer.
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May has been my least favourite month of music in 2017 thus far. It’s not been a bad month by any stretch of the imagination, but the first 4 really delivered. However, I’ve still listed my favourite fire tracks of the month here, and there have been some GREAT ones.

Catch April’s post here.

 Told You So – Paramore

I’ve been following Paramore for a long time, the first concert I ever went to without my parents was Paramore at Manchester Arena. That was such an important gig for me, and still is to this day.

Paramore’s new album isn’t my favourite, I like it, but I much prefered the Self-Titled last album, however Told You So is my favourite Paramore track of them all. This song is light, bouncy, has a bit more playfulness and a happy beat than most Paramore tracks, but has the distinctive Paramore feel that only they can create. It’s a perfectly crafted song mixing pop, indie and a bangin’ summer feel.

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22nd March 2016

This morning is one that will stick out in my memory forever, I made a full post featuring pictures of Ikebukuro in a post around a year ago, you can find that here.

In the evening of the 21st I found out I wouldn’t be able to interview for my dream graduate job. I’d been shortlisted, but the interview took place whilst I was still in Japan as at this point I still had almost 3 weeks left in the country. I was pretty much told to not bother contacting them anymore as if I wasn’t in the UK at the time of interview, I was out. This was the first of MANY rejections I received when searching for a grad job, I got used to it pretty quickly, but this one stung.

I was good enough for interview. For an amazing position. But because I was completing one dream (travelling around Japan) I couldn’t access another (working in creative media in London). That night I drank whiskey, ate Japanese candy and sat in the Airbnb in Shibuya with Fae as we watched crappy anime and laughed about life.

The next morning I decided to treat myself to a really fucking expensive figurine I’d seen the day before. Back in my anime figure collecting days I had always wanted this figure, but it was super exclusive and super hard to get. To please 16 year old me I ventured out to go drop extortionate amounts of Yen on this thing which now sits on a shelf in my bedroom in my parent’s house 250 miles away from where I now live. Fae wasn’t feeling too good, so she rested whilst I went on an early morning romp around Tokyo.

We had only been in Tokyo a couple of days, and I’m sure anyone who’s been will tell you the culture shock you feel when you arrive. I’d never experienced standing out of a crowd so much, being a ginger white man who is taller than everyone somehow made me a target for everyone’s eyes at all times. I was asked for a photo one time, but that’s a different story.

I ventured on my own across the city, it was such a liberating experience. Japan was, and still is, the furthest I have travelled from home. To be alone in the middle of a city I had dreamed of visiting for about 15 years was an incredible experience. I stood in Ikebukuro and soaked it all in. Since watching Durarara! in 2010, I had been desperate to visit Ikebukuro, and then there I stood. All alone.

It turned out the store I wanted to go to opened at 10am, not 9 like I thought. I explored the streets, the rooftops, the gardens. I went everywhere in the area. A year on and I can still remember the routes of Ikebukuro perfectly, I know them better than I know many streets of London.

For as long as I remember I have yearned to see the world. It was a passive dream for a long time, I made no active moves to make it happen. Now I try to travel as much as I can. I’m pretty harsh on myself, if I’m not doing better than 100% I feel like a failure, it’s stupid and unhealthy and I’m working on it. But in that moment I felt like I had hit my peak, stood all alone in the middle of one of the world’s biggest and most famous city, the place I wanted to visit more than any other place on Earth.

I have so many incredible travel memories, however this moment feels like one of those turning points in my life, as cheesy as it is to say, it feels like that moment made me realise that I can achieve and accomplish anything I put my mind to.

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Welcome to Interviewed, a series of interviews and conversations with creators of all kinds.

Today we’re joined by my friend Rach from The Gallective. Before Rach gets into explaining it better than I ever could, I want to briefly mention that we’ve known each other for a whole 5/6years now. We met when we were 16/17 at college, long before I began this blog, long before Rach started the Gallective.

Here we are in 2017 doing our thing online and we’re able to collab a bit with it. To me that’s totally rad!

D: Tell me a bit about the Gallective.

R: The Gallective is an ever-growing space for the discussion of modern day sexism, sexual assault and rape, and the importance of feminism. No issue too big or too small. It’s built on submissions from any and all, discouraging the incorrect exclusion of men that can sometimes be the message that people think feminists stand for.

My main aim with The Gallective is to promote the therapeutic benefits of talking about and creating around experiences and opinions.
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It’s a mighty big planet, even when you visit a country you don’t end up seeing more than a small percentage. Every country on the planet is incredibly diverse, filled with amazing towns and cities and crowded with brilliant people.

Just seeing the capital can never be enough! I’ve thrown together a list of a couple of countries I’ve already been to, but haven’t seen enough of.

This is the revisit list!


I haven’t visited since I was a child and now have approximately…0 memory of it. Now I live down south, I have a dreamy idea of getting a sleeper train all the way up to Scotland through all the countryside.

Plus my friend worked at a macaron shop in Edinburgh, I sampled them once and they were mindblowingly good.

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