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March 1, 2017

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Today we’re joined with my friend Jack of www.mytakeonlife.co.uk I’ll let him introduce himself:

D: What do you do on your section of the internet?

J: As an outreach executive, I work with bloggers on a daily basis and I started to get a feel for blogging and wanted to be part of the community. I set up My Take On Life in March 2016 to share with my readers what I enjoy in life. When I first started blogging back in March, my main aim was to build my blog’s reputation and hopefully be at the stage where people would regularly visit my blog and enjoy reading my content as well as find it interesting, and of course it would be great if brands started to get in touch and wanted to collaborate with me.

As I’m still new to blogging, I’m currently trying to create good quality, engaging content as well as building my social following, in the hope that I will attract more visitors to my blog.
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