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February 2017

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The Quest for a Beard

My current facial hair in all it’s glory in my new city. London, aged 21.

Ah yes, the quest for a beard. One which most teenage boys tend to go on. Luckily during my teens I stayed staunchly clean shaven as I knew I couldn’t grow decent facial hair despite shaving from the age of 12/13, which I think is pretty young? It felt young anyway. I found a razor still in it’s packets in my dad’s cupboard and stole it. Mum, I know you’re reading this. This is me admitting to that crime a decade or so later.

I used to hate the fact I grew facial hair. I would shave everyday, despite the fact at 14 or so, I really didn’t need to. I think it was maybe something about wanting to stay young and a kid¬†forever. Oh lord was I not ready to be 17 and having a hairy chest and all.

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New Music of the Month – February 2017

February has been a fantastic month for music, with comebacks from two pop queens, Gaga’s superbowl performances, and 2 British lads dropping incredible debut albums!

Catch up on January’s New Music of the Month here.

(No One Knows me) Like The Piano – Sampha

Sampha’s debut album is amazing. No filler, no inconsistency, no weak links. This heartfelt song about the piano in his late mother’s house will leave you with a serious case of feelings, it’s possible someone is chopping onions near you right now.

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Gamla Stan – Stockholm’s Old Town

 After the ordeal of the last post, we finally made it to Gamla Stan, translated, it means The Old Town. Very fitting for this area of Stockholm, Sweden.

Gamla Stan dates back to the 13th century and contains many of Stockholm’s famous landmarks, such as Parliament, the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum and Stockholm Cathedral.

Halloween had come and gone, but Gamla Stan wasn’t going to let it go that easily!

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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions of creators of all likes from around the internet! Today we’re joined by the artist formerly know as Zodiac Princess – ADELICATE!

D: First of all, what do you do on your corner of the internet?

A: I like to think of my YouTube channel as my own personal piece of the internet – something that really represents my personality. In particular I like to upload videos to do with things that I enjoy but usually keep to myself for example: my love for anime, cosplay, Japanese fashion and more recently Disney covers. These are things I normally struggle to share with others, but I’ve been trying to not let myself get held back from fear of being judged by others.
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My Menswear Wishlist

I don’t post on menswear as much as I’d like to, if anyone would like to volunteer as my photographer for outfit posts, I’ll take ya! Can you also make me look more relaxed and natural when I pose for photographs? That’s something I definitely need to work on.

Here’s a run through of some clothes I’m lusting after currently. I keep a note on my phone with pieces I wish to pick up at some point, or something I’ve seen that I’d like to find a dupe of. It’s really helped me stop buying pieces I don’t really like. This method makes it so much easier to keep track of what you own and what you’ll pair them with.

Columbia Mountain Shirt

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