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January 18, 2017

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Today our guest on INTERVIEWED is someone I’m so happy to be able to call a good friend of mine. I truly enjoyed putting this together, as I was able to learn so much about my ol’ buddy, ol’pal Callie of CallieSakura.

D: What is it you do on your corner of the internet?

C: Mainly be nosey at what other people do and say ;). I share things I think are funny, things I love and want to share. Interacting with people I would probably never meet or meet often – the internet is amazing for that.

I first started my YouTube channel with the intention of making mostly makeup/beauty videos but oh how that changed! Japan has creeped into my videos big time – which I never thought that would happen! As you know, I’m a huge Babymetal fan and seeing how popular those videos have become, I’ve done more and more videos about them. If people enjoy them, why not make more? Recently, I’ve just been uploading anything that I like to film regardless if it’s popular or not and I think that’s what anybody’s YouTube channel should be like. I’ve made a lot of travel vlogs just because I LOVE looking back at them.

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