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January 11, 2017

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Every Wednesday a new Interviewed appears on daveygranger.co.uk, featuring people from all over the internet. This week we are joined by my friend Isagination!

D: What is it you do on your corner of the internet?

I: I got into YouTube a few years ago and always kind of fantasized about having my own channel. I’ve always liked being creative, but I like so many aspects of the creative process that I never really knew how to combine them all. When I made my first video I realized that this pretty much includes all of my favorite things – music, visuals, decorating something so that it looks visually pleasing, writing and then editing it all together. I’ve always been strongly on the music side though, so I made a music channel first where I published covers and a few originals very irregularly. But at some point I felt like I had ideas that went beyond what I could produce with my limited time and budget so I stopped uploading and creating anything for that channel.

However, I felt the need to do something again a few months later and started a new channel where I’ve now been posting lifestyle and travel content with the occasional chatty video about topics that mean a lot to me. and I’ve kept it up since more than 2 years which makes me quite happy! Continue Reading →