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August 4, 2016

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So two weeks ago I graduated from university. I’m extremely pleased to be able to say I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first in law with accounting and finance.

I didn’t put too much weight on choosing a university, and pretty much just chose one that was close to home. I’m very lucky that this paid off, it could have been a terrible mistake, but I realised just how much I love Liverpool, even if I was pretty familiar with it beforehand, and I found a solid group of brilliant people I’m proud to call friends.

It’s funny, I felt like I knew Liverpool before I lived there, but it turns out I really didn’t. Even after two years of living there, I don’t know if I can say I truly know it- new places pop up all the time, and there’s just so much to do that it’s impossible to do it all, but I think I make a pretty damn good effort.

Anyway, because I’m a narcissistic piece of trash, here’s a snapchat of the suit I wore to graduation. I love this suit more than anything, even more so because I got it on sale. It’s actually a three piece but I have only worn it as a three piece once!

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