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December 3, 2015

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Christmas Jumpers!

Happy 3rd of December!!

The glorious month has finally come! It’s time to get festive. Except I don’t feel majorly festive yet, apart from the fact I’ve been eating mince pies almost everyday since November 1st, and that I get to wear a Christmas uniform to work! I might change my bedsheets to my Christmas bedsheets actually, that will get me festive. (Yes, I am the type of person who has Christmas bedsheets)

I should really watch a Christmas film to get into the festive spirit, but with The Force Awakens a mere TWO WEEKS away, I am all wrapped up in Star Wars.

So anyway, to get back on track, I have been getting into the festive spirit with Christmas jumpers! I’m a 50 year old Dad at heart, with a student budget, so Primark this time of year is my heaven. But also hell because it’s about as busy as you’d expect a store to be at Christmas. To my fellow brethren who will be working retail over Christmas, may the odds be ever in our favour.

This Christmas jumper is the newest addition to my collection, can you call 3 a collection?

This is from Primark and cost £15, this is from this year’s range and so should still be available.

See what I meant about being a 50 year old dad? I’m not here for the silly Christmas jumper designs, I want something that is patterned, and makes people think I’m a mature student when I sit down in lecture.

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