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October 2015

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Update: I’m a ball of stress.

Life has been so busy at the minute. And not so much in the good way. Partly in the good way, but at the same time I spread so incredibly thin right now, and I’m really sad that I haven’t updated since last Sunday.

I mean the last time I updated, this wasn’t even out yet:

I did not tear up and freak out at all. That’s a complete lie, I watched it and then bought tickets to go to the midnight premiere because it’s gonna be great. I’m classing ‘great’ as better than the prequels. Let’s be real, that isn’t gonna be hard when you have the original cast, the amazing new cast (Gwendoline Christie could stand in silence for 2 hours and you’d still find me starting a hashtag for her to receive an Oscar) and J.J. Abrams.

I had an incredibly great weekend, I travelled to Birmingham, a city I have somehow never been to before, to celebrate one of my best friend’s 21st birthday! That was so much fun, and then the next day I went to a Halloween party that I have been to every year for the past three now! And I had an incredible time there too.

Plus I was dressed as Han Solo and that was so much fun, this is my favourite costume that I’ve ever made/worn:

I need to do a whole post on that bloody belt, it was not easy to make and it’s still not completely accurate. I had the best time putting this costume together, it was surprisingly hard to find all of the things for it, but I loved it.

Plus this weekend will be fun, as it’s Halloween, one of my favourite holidays!

However it’s the 5 days in between the weekends that are killing me at the minute. I know third year of uni is hard, it’s supposed to be hard, it’s degree level and it’s the end of the degree, on no planet is that going to be easy. And if there is a planet where that is easy, someone let me know when the next space bus (also known as a rocket) is leaving the station.

Law is a notoriously hard thing to study, and I am truly feeling it right now. The best way to describe it is that I am paddling so hard and so much yet I’m somehow stuck with water up to my neck. It’s taking all of my effort to stay that much afloat. The key thing is that I am staying afloat right now. I have the capability to do it, and I am, so I’m happy about that, and I have been doing all of the work I have to, and all of the work I want to. I just sometimes long to be that student who lies in bed and watches daytime TV all day, though I know that isn’t me. That could’ve been me in first year when it didn’t count towards my degree but I still worked my ass off, however I did spend almost every Wednesday afternoon watching old Daily Grace videos. It’s such a shame some company makes money off of those videos now.

This was more just to get a few things off of my chest rather than to write a stellar blogpost, as this truly is not that. And also to be a ‘hey i’m still alive just my degree is taking all of my effort right now, and I’m a little bummed I put a lot of effort into getting a job at a place I really love and fell at the last hurdle and didn’t get the job, but that’s life! Things happen for a reason and all that jazz. Plus losing out on that job means that I’ll be able to spend more time with my friends and family over the next 8-10 weeks or whatever.

Thanks for putting up with me and my constant lulls when life gets too much, and for sticking with me on my continuous journey to being able to balance my blog, YouTube, and 3D world commitments.

Seeing people reading my blog even when I’ve not been posting on it or promoting it really makes me happy everyday, so thank you all for that. I would put all the heart emojis here if I could.

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Fall/Winter Outfit Inspo. The FURce Awakens!

This is a terrible pun based upon the fact that I have a jacket with an extremely fake fur lining (I DO NOT SUPPORT REAL FUR, PUTTING THIS OUT THERE LOUD AND CLEAR) and also because I’m wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. Y’all know I love Star Wars.

So for a while I’ve wanted to do a few blogposts on clothes and outfits because:

1) In recent years, I’ve began to really enjoy shopping for clothing and putting together outfits, and using clothes to make myself feel great.

2) I really love reading male fashion blogs/watching videos on YouTube, however there aren’t a ton of male fashion focused things, nor are many of them THAT affordable. Sure, I love expensive clothes, but I don’t have the budget, nor think a lot of things are worth it (though, ombre jumper from Reiss, if I could have tracked you down, I would have dropped the £50 on you).

3) It’s fun to go out and take pictures and do this stuff!

Keep reading to see more pictures and to also get to the links of where you can get everything!

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My BillBoard Idea | #SPGetNoticed

So recently I was contacted by a company called Solopress (I know, get me getting contacted by companies, Nintendo + Nandos, I’m available, and I’m also here to help if you wanna combine and become Nantendos.)

Solopress are running a competition called ‘Get Noticed with Solopress’, this is a great social media focused competition, and one which you can enter simply with a tweet!

And throughout this post, you will see some examples of Solopress’ work! They were extremely kind, and sent me a package filled with some goodies personalised for me!

All the goodies came in this cute little drawstring bag!
I don’t know exactly what will be stored in it, but something will be!

Make sure to click that link for the full description (it’ll also be towards the bottom of this post), but here’s a quick summary:

The prize for this competition is a billboard being posted in ANY location in the UK for up to two weeks! And the billboard must be focused on you, what would you like to get noticed for? It’s so hard to find a job these days, and as someone entering his final year in education, I can testify for being terrified of the job market! Hell, even finding a weekend job while I was at college was hard enough! I applied to so many restaurants and came up empty.

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Modern Hogwarts Uniform Cosplay

On September 1st, a big day for all Harry Potter fans, I put together a Gryffindor uniform out of clothes I already own (of course I already owned the tie and scarf, because I spend money on collectibles instead of on important things).

I’ve been intending to make my own ‘traditional’ Hogwarts uniform for a while, all I really need to do is to get a cloak, stitch some things onto it (like a Gryffindor patch, and I also have a Gryffindor Prefect pin to add), and also add a maroon lining. I would love one of the official Hogwarts cloaks but they’re around £60…so whilst I’m sure I may end up buying one someday, that is not today.

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Halloween Workspace

It’s my favourite time of year, because it’s time to get SPOOKY!

And after getting spooky, it’s time to get festive, but let’s focus on the spoopy times for now!

I adore Halloween, I love the films, the sweets, the, dare I say it, aesthetic. Though after a recent bad run in with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, they are in my bad books for now.

Today, I thought I’d share a few pics of my rather spooktacular desk. It makes reading 30 page articles on EU law much more interesting.

I spend a lot of time at my desk, I work at it, I eat at it, I watch TV, I play games, I write blogposts at it! So why not make it what I want to be? And change it around every couple of months to keep it fresh!

These lights were from Wilkinson’s last year for £3! Continue Reading →