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Japan Travel Guides + Learning Guides


So if I haven’t banged on about it enough here, as well as all over Twitter, I go to Japan next month! Actually in about 3 weeks. Holy crap, there is so much to do.

Over the last few months, I have ended up collating quite a few travel guides amongst other things to do with the Land of the Rising Sun! So today I thought I would share my recommendations and otherwise for which to buy!

Lonely Planet Japanese Phrasebook and Dictionary

This is a little pocket-sized book which I will be carrying around with me on my travels! I haven’t committed enough to learning Japanese recently, my third year of uni has kind of been taking over everything I have been doing sadly, so I’m going to need a bit of help. Of course I could rely on apps, but I like something physical (don’t we all ey?? [and there goes any hope of any brand wanting to work with me ever] )

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