Hello, I’m David and welcome to daveygranger.co.uk!

DaveyGranger is an online publication covering a large range of topics, including travel, music, chats with other content creators, men’s lifestyle and more. DaveyGranger is ran and edited by David Thomas.

Since early-2014 I’ve been documenting my life on this platform.

I’m 23, from the North West, having lived in the Liverpool for 2 years, then I found my way extremely South East into South East London for 2017. I work in social media and online content, with the occasional bit of freelance writing at the side. Now in 2019, I live back in Liverpool working as a freelance content creator, music journalist and communications and campaigns executive for a charity.

This publication came about as a result of me turning to the internet to find my creativity as I studied law at university, whilst interesting, reading 70-year-old pieces of UK law doesn’t provide of a creative outlet.

I like to listen to vinyl record whilst drinking freshly brewed coffee because I’m a complete stereotype. I love learning everything and anything about any TV show or film I watch, and I like to do so whilst dressed entirely in black clothes I shouldn’t be buying.

You can contact me via daveygranger@gmail.com.




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Figures accurate as of 03/04/2019

DaveyGranger is open to working with brands, companies and individuals, especially with regards to interviews. DaveyGranger specialises in festival and concert coverage, collaborative travel posts, skincare, food + drink and menswear collaborations, however we look forward to all collaborations.

All posts that are paid for will feature a disclaimer, and all views included are writer’s own.

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