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Hello friends, music lovers and people who accidentally clicked this link whilst scrolling through Twitter but have now been ensnared by my devilish good looks and my fancy new blog interface.

A few weeks ago I kicked off a new series all about the songs that I’m actually listening to all the time, as presented to me via my favourite online gizmo, Obscurify. Last time’s made sense, it was generally all current tracks and stuff that’s been around recently or from my favourite artists. One slight adjustment I’ve made is to only feature one song from each artist, as the recent album releases from The Wombats and Charlie Barnes did begin to dominate.

This time I’ve kinda gone all over the place, from murderous album tracks to one of the greatest karaoke songs of all time.


This song featured as number 4 in my last post, it’s been a slow burn for me. You know, from listening to almost all the time to ‘I can’t sleep with good conscience unless I listen to this song whilst brushing my teeth before bed’. If that’s not the mark of an earworm, I don’t know what is.


This track dropped whilst I had some CHVRCHES loving friends staying and they fully got me on board. Certified banger. Lauren’s voice makes the world feel things, how does she have such a unique voice but destroys every track she’s on? The National and CHVRCHES aren’t two I would have put together but I’m bloody glad they made this track.


I was in Tallinn, Estonia when this song was released and it became the soundtrack that accompanied me and my mug of mulled wine in our Airbnb’s sauna. (Disclaimer: That’s a ridiculously unhealthy and dangerous thing to do, Bastille and saunas pose health risks when mixed, definitely not the alcohol and intense heat)

It’s had a bit of a renaissance with me over these last few weeks, and it does pain me that I’ll never be able to hit the ‘You don’t wanna fuck with us’ high notes, or any of the notes really. I’m a writer, not a singer. Or rather, I’m mediocre at both.


There is a reason I’ve been obsessed with a 2004 album track that didn’t even get a single release. I recently read the article entitled Why ‘Hot Fuss’ by the Killers is about a Murderous Homosexual Relationship‘. It’s linked because you have to read it, it will change your view on the iconic Hot Fuss album forever.  It’s long been accepted that ‘Midnight Show’ is part of the Killers murder trilogy alongside ‘Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf’ and the massive hit ‘Jenny Was a Friend of Mine’, but now it just got gayer.

Midnight Show is incredible, and the 45 second outro is everything I need and more.


The sad passing of Dolores O’Riordan sparked myself, and most, to revist The Cranberries back catalogue-  and none is more prolific than ‘Zombie’. Her death is so incredibly sad, and a huge loss to the world of music. The least we can do is carry on her legacy as much as possible.


As an adult, I made a choice. A choice that I would pretty much live in black skinny jeans, plain black t-shirts and various jackets. As a pasty, ginger man, darker colours don’t clash with my hair and have the bonus effect of making me look a little bit like a vampire, it’s all round good. I know ‘I Only Wear Black’ goes deeper than that, but let’s take it at that surface level for a moment.

On the deeper side of things (wahay) I think we all feel like our own bad luck omen at times, and like we’re sad more than we’re happy for a while. Like the rest of this album, it’s touchingly personal and raw but decorated in the most wonderfully colourful way, or not so colourful should I say?

For me this is the best track on their latest album.


This has been an eclectic 10 to say the least. I always have at least one Spice Girls song on the go, and that’s because I love and respect myself. Haim announced their UK tour (see you in Manchester, this time I *won’t* vomit in the venue because I’m so hungover from Pride) with a video of them dancing to ‘Say You’ll Be There’, I lost my shit.

I’m not here to explain to you why you should listen to the Spice Girls, if you don’t know by now, you’re a lost cause.


Charlie’s third album Oceanography came out a few weeks ago, and it’s easily his best work yet. Whilst the title track is what’s featured here, my favourite is actually ‘Wills and Testament’, though it’s honestly all brilliant. I saw him perform this track and a bunch of others a few weeks ago and he was bloody fantastic. That man can sing, and play instruments, and do it all really. So thanks for making me feel like a talentless stooge Charlie.


Pale Waves are really making waves at the minute. I’m sure I’m the first music journalist to make that joke, I bet they’re not sick of having heard that for their entire career thus far.

Pale Waves are absolutely killing it, they’ve just played SXSW and they’re hitting up pretty much every festival going this Summer. Television Romance is one of their best tracks, though every single


This already featured last month so I won’t harp on too much, apart to just say that this is an absolute tune that complete holds up. The acoustic version is fantastic, but this original version really could be the best piece of music Troye Sivan has ever released.


And I just wanna give a shout out to All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar + SZA because I took too bloody long to write this post and it fell out of my top 10. Now that’s a song. It’ll probably be number one in the next edition as now I can’t stop thinking about it, the video and how good Black Panther was.

What music are you filling your ear holes with lately?

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