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February 29, 2016

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Momentary Favourites

Whenever all the creativity has disappeared, it’s always a good time to do a post on favourite things of the moment! I always enjoy reading these posts as I like seeing what other people are enjoying so much as to put it on a favourites post!

This is a bit of a mix of things, but so is life. Once you’ve come back from that existential crisis I have just sent you off on, let’s jump right in.

James & friends Notebook

I’ve posted on the James & friends range before, but at the moment I’ve been using this notepad a hell of a lot recently. This is my uni to do list book, my blog and YouTube idea book, my schedule book, and my future plans book. Essentially it contains 95% of my life. Without it I’d be completely lost, so thank you for being here notepad.

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