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February 13, 2016

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The 2016 reading plan


It’s 2016, and it has been for a good while, I’m just late to this writing this post. A friend and I have set each other the challenge of reading 20 books this year, and if we don’t make the full 20, we must buy the other a book.

I’m extremely competitive, so by today, the 13th of February I have read: 0 books.


I used to read every night before bed but then my obsession with Star Wars: The Clone Wars began, and I don’t think I need to explain further.

So I thought I’d share a few of the books I intend to get through in the next few months! There are a ton of others, but I’ve featured them in book hauls on my YouTube channel before!

This is the first book I’ve been reading is this! It’s interesting, and is written in the style of a non-fiction book. I like Star Wars. I like the Jedi. It’s a good read.

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